All I want is Unicode Support!

Of course, I can’t possibly have been reading about feminism for the past 9 hours… that would actually mean I was doing work!

I was distracted when got wind of a new update for the Zune. And I was excited, I really was. I thought finally, they’re going to give me unicode support on the Zune so I don’t have to look at stupid blocks anymore! THANK YOU, MICROSOFT! But no… of course not. Why would they take 5 seconds out of their lives and satisfy thousands of customers? I can’t imagine it being difficult for them to add Chinese/Korean/Japanese fonts to this device. It’s been what… 2 years since the Zune debuted? I would think SOMEONE working at Microsoft is either Chinese/Korean/Japanese, and would have anticipated the anger from their Asian friends once they get their Zunes!!


~ by atsilac on September 14, 2008.

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