Ramblings regarding Feminism

The critiques I’ve been encountering are more about the architectural practices, which is not what I’m looking for.

When they do go into spaces used by female – they talk more of city planning – addition to safety facilities, day care centers, etc. to accomodate to the needs of the female. Which even in that, it’s stereotypical to relate women with day care centers. But then, it is true that we give birth…

What does architectural space have to do with Feminism?

“The appropriation and use of space are political acts. The kinds of spaces we have, don’t have, or are denied access to can empower us or render us powerless. Spaces can enhance or restrict, nurture or impoverish. We must demand the right to architectural settings which will support the essential needs of all women.” – Leslie Kanes Weisman

Although this quote esplains very well about the power in the appropriation and usage of space, it is really talking about space that is shared by men and women. However, the campus is exclusively for women to begin with. It’s almost reverse thinking – typically is a women’s institute within a man-made world. However, the campus itself is the institute within a man-made world. I am now building within a women-occupied world that will first and foremost support women students, but also open its doors for male students.


~ by atsilac on September 15, 2008.

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