I’ve never looked at it this way… but this is interesting:

Each year has 365 days we can potentially work. There are 52 weeks in a year.
We have 2 days off every week because of the weekend, that’s 104 days we have off out of a year. 261 days left
Out of 24 hours a day, we have 16 hours in which we’re not working. (Assuming an 8 hour work day) That’s 174 days. 87 days left
We have 10 official federal holidays in a year. 77 days left
Average sick days employees take is 5 days. 72 days left
Average paid time off for an employee with 2 years of work experience is 17 days. 55 days left
So if we compact everything together, we work 55 days out of 365.
Therefore, we work only 15% of the year!!
That’s the good news.

But you know how I need to relate everything back to the dollar sign…

If we think about $$, we take the 72 days (I don’t know how many of us are lucky enough to have the company pay for our sick days, holidays AND our vacation… so I’m just going to assume only vacation time is paid) and we work on a $20.00/hour rate, we’re going to make $34,560. And then we take the 15% tax, we ultimately get $29,376.

Now, let’s take a look at what I sent you guys before.
$29,376 divided by 12 = $2448 a month!
We are left with $1348 per month after expenses
$337 per week, $48 per day.

This is slightly better than my previous speculation, which was living on $2222 a month.

Previous Calculations was:

I just felt like sharing with you all that I was looking up entry level salary for new graduates in architecture…
ranges somewhere from 37,000 – 40,000.

So, let’s say we’re all lucky and get 40,000 a year… which means we’re getting around 20.50 per hour
I take 1/3 out of the 40,000 for tax, and we’re left with 26,667.
26,667 divided by 12 = 2222.25 per month
We’re going to be living on 2222 dollars a month.

Say if we live by ourselves in a shitty apartment, and we pay 800 rent, we’re left with 1422.

Cellphone Bill = 100 (well, for me it’ll be 100 because I pay for my family)
Cable + Home Phone + Internet Bill = 200 (I need to watch tv…)
Electric Bill = 100 (average)
That would be 400 a month in fees
1422 – 400 = 1022

Then we’re left with 1022
1022 – 100 (travel expense of the MTA by the time we graduate….) = 922
922 divided by 4 = 230.5 per week, 33 per day for food / entertainment


~ by atsilac on October 18, 2008.

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