Zaha and the trippy space music

Zaha Hadid’s latest work landed in New York City on the 20th of October. The Mobile Art Pavilion she designed for Chanel has already traveled to Hong Kong and Tokyo. As of today, it is being dismantled to be shipped to London. Of course, in its 3 weeks of stay in Central Park, I choose to visit the thing on its last day (yesterday), which logically means no more tickets, which equals to me gawking at its exterior as I stare enviously at visitors going into and out of the pavilion.

With all the buzz about the pavilion in regards to its architecture, and its architect, I think we should take a moment to take a look at the reason and inspiration why this structure was created in the first place. The entire concept was created to house the amazing Art (yes with a capital ‘A’) that was inspired by the ‘iconic 2.55 handbag.’ And so far, I have yet to visit an architectural blog to show us how exactly this ‘iconic 2.55 handbag’ looks like. So I’ll just do everyone a favor, and put a picture of it here:


From The Bag Snob

Apparently this handbag is muy muy importante. You see, according to The Bag Snob, “History was made when Coco Chanel introduced this bag in February 1955 (as in, 2.55).” Wow. And all this time I only cared for the architecture. How foolish of me.

Chanel, in order to show the world this incredible collection of Art paid out $400,000 dollars to rent this space in Central Park. Additionally, he also donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Conservancy. How much? We can only imagine.

While I haven’t been inside, I can very well describe its exterior – it’s a Blob. With skylights. Very sleek and austere, it sits in the space contained within itself. I don’t think it is relating to its environment (or any environment) in anyway. Especially when there is some funky space music playing in the background. It also doesn’t help when a load of Men in Black guards the structure like some kind of high security vault. While many people were there, family, students, young people, old people visiting the pavilion, it still did not feel the pavilion was capable of human interaction. But I guess that’s just how high fashion is. It exists for the sole purpose to be admired, while it disregards everything else in conceit.

As a side note, what IS that structure on the side of Zaha Hadid’s pavilion?? The one covered in glass.

And for some photos:










The structure that played the trippy space music.

Some links of interest (for some real architectural descriptions):

The Zaha Hadid Blog: Travelling Exhibition Pavilion for Chanel

NY Times: Zaha Hadid’s Chanel Pavilion – Art and Commerce in Central Park


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