NYC – Snowman of PEACE

All the weather predictions for The Blizzard of 2010 in New York City went up in smokes. The public schools here were so paranoid about the snow storm that they canceled all classes yesterday. Snow Day for all, even for me. So at the end, what did we get? Snow/Ice mixture in the morning until 12 noon, then a sudden showing of a real Snow Storm with Strong Gusting Winds for a good 2-1/2 hours, then back to Snow & Rain. Talk about anti-climatic. We totaled to around 4 inches.

In any case, one must make a Snow Day into good use; a snow fight needs to be fought, and a snow man needs to be built! And both we did! We had an intense snow fight on the dangerous grounds in the Park of Bryant until our battle was interrupted by a higher authority deeming our activity too dangerous for the helpless civilians passing through. Folly I say, well,  more like Folly, I THOUGHT. At the end, for the sake of the innocents, we decided to called a truce and allowed the higher authority to have his way.

To commemorate this decision to place our desire to hold war against each other aside, we decided to build a Snow Man of Peace.

Do you see how serene the snow man is? He looks very zen. He’s asian, as you can see from his eyes….

Gotta say, we were pretty damn good. But alas… our sculpture did not last long. An unknown army sneaked up on us, and we were forced to surrender our location. Their captain took our prized possessions – the snowman, and the snowballs. As we were kicked out from our own land in shame, I was able to capture their leader’s heinous defilement of our sculpture! She placed a snow-turd on our peaceful snowman!!!! We shall avenge the snowman’s honor!!!!


~ by atsilac on February 10, 2010.

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