Hand-made Notebook!

My 2nd hand-made notebook! It all originated from the fact that I thought it was absolutely ridiculous for me to pay $10 for a calendar/planner I can print myself… c’mon… I did go to 5 years of architecture school. I can surely make my own damn calendar right? Then I thought, might as well combine the planner and my sketchbook together. And viola! Here it is!

The first couple of pages are the calendar of 2010. Then after the initial pages, the rest are all recycled readings from college classes. So you get all these architectural writings on the back of each page. Quartered the 8.5 x 11 paper, and used some SOBO to glue them together. I added a sleeve on the front to put loose paper and such, the rubber band is a hair tie I found lying on my floor!   “work ./- LESS”  is the name of my product “label” ! This is definitely an improvement from my 1st hand-made notebook which I made about 3 months ago. While it’s still alive, the pages are beginning to fall apart. But I will attribute that to my rigorous use of it!

As for the photograph… I was trying to make a light tent, and I used my notebook as the subject. The photo’s too bright actually… but too lazy to retake it!


~ by atsilac on February 26, 2010.

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