The Wonders of a little Sunshine!

Brooklyn Botanic Garden (Saturday mornings are free!)

Yesterday was a gorgeous day for a visit to the wonderful garden. The lilacs are currently in bloom, and its scent, as described by a passing man in the garden, “is like crack.” And indeed it is. My friend and I went around the small hill of lilac bushes and sniffed almost every branch while wearing a doofus looking smile on our faces. Ahhh… that’s the smell of spring. Nature’s free aromatherapy. Everything was at peace. Although the euphoric experience might have been contributed by the Claritin I took in the morning.

But the highlight in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden currently is of course the Cherry Blossoms. They are holding a Hanami (“flower viewing” in japanese) festival this coming weekend. But it is baffling to us why they would schedule the event at the end of the cherry blossom season. When we were there, they are already beginning to wither. With the coming rain this week, I don’t think there would be much left to view!

We swung by the Japanese garden and saw these sophisticated, elegant Japanese maples… wow.

Then we have the tulips. A long patch of tulips, surrounded by photographers, artists and general admirers alike, all trying to capture their beauty.

Awesome day!

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~ by atsilac on April 25, 2010.

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