woooooo! What an AWESOME DAY!!! World Cup 2010 has officially ended with Spain coming out as the Champion!!! Scoring the one goal in Netherlands goal in extra time at the 116th minute. I was in a pub named I believe, McKenna’s? on 14th Street between 7th and 8th. Everyone there was rooting for Spain because we were ALL the spillovers who wanted to go into LA NACIONAL across the street!

My friend and I arrived at 1:00pm, thinking we should be okay… boy were we WRONG! The line was huge! And people were beginning to cheer and sing. Already felt like a win to me!

Then headed over McKenna’s … ’cause we had to go SOMEWHERE to watch the game!


After the win, EVERYONE in ALL the pubs on that block spilled into the road, ‘causing a road block! HOW AWESOME!!! 3 police cars, I think? And subsequent cars were all doing U turns to get back out. Cars that do pass honk in support. It was absolutely amazing! VIVA ESPANA!!!

Paul was right!!!


~ by atsilac on July 11, 2010.

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